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Your Store very much appreciates your business and we want to Reward you for your Loyalty to us.

After you have purchased something from us we will include with your item(s) a Customer Loyalty Discount Code which you can use at the checkout when next you visit our site (we will also send the code via an email to you). The Customer Loyalty Discount Code value will vary from time to time however it will never be less than a 10% discount, sometimes it will be even more.

We will be further developing our Customer Loyalty Rewards Program over the next few months so keep an eye out for updates in our Newsletter. If you have not yet registered and elected to receive our Newsletter then it may be advantageous to do so soon so that you can receive the updates.

The Customer Loyalty Discount Code is only valid for one future purchase per recipient.

We hope that you like our site, our products and our service - we certainly appreciate your custom.

thanks and kind regards,

the Harmony team

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